Seed-to-Sale Compliance Software for Smaller Craft Cannabis Producers

CertiCraft is the simplest solution available to manage your cannabis production operation. We keep you compliant with guided workflows and automated reports, and save you dozens of hours every week.


They made it hard.... but, we make it easy!

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Why CertiCraft?

CertiCraft's easy-to-use design makes your team more efficient.

Easy and quick to learn

CertiCraft takes 15 minutes to learn so you and your team can hit the ground running. No giant manuals are necessary.

We keep you compliant every step of the way.

Guided workflows ensure you don't miss anything important.

Save time and money

With mistakes greatly reduced and your team generating all their compliance records & monthly reports in seconds, CertiCraft frees everybody up to focus on high value tasks.

CertiCraft is trusted by over 100 facilities today!

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What do small-scale producers say about CertiCraft?

CertiCraft helps you with:

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One-click Monthly Reports

We generate Health Canada and CRA reports in seconds. Create CTS and B-300 monthly reports with just a click of a button. CertiCraft also generates Healthcare Practitioners Reports for medical sales licenses.

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One-minute CRA + Health Canada Inspections & Audits

The CRA has a goal to inspect every licensed producer 8+ times a year. Yikes! Luckily, CertiCraft includes a CRA Audit Report that lets you finish an inspection in literally one minute. Health Canada inspections and audits are just as easy.

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Find and Fix Mistakes Easily, with CertiFIX™

Mistakes happen. CertiFix™ is our powerful cutting-edge tool that lets you edit, backdate, or delete records instantly in an audit-ready and discrepancy-free manner.


Operational Reporting

Download data and reports on your facility to make the right operational decisions. We even have our own government data report that makes understanding the CTS & B-300 reports much easier!

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Packaging and Provincial Distribution Board Sales

Package your product into package runs and cases, and sell cases easily using our tailor-made Provincial Distribution Board sales system. You can also sell to licensed producers, wholesalers, and retailers. CertiCraft supports BC Direct Delivery and comparable programs.


Good Production Practices

Easily stay compliant with Part 5 of the Cannabis Regulations by tracking inspections and changes to your facility. When a plant or product is within a location that has GPP activities, the relevant lot record automatically appends the GPP records.

Grow with CertiCraft. We support the activities you do today and the ones you want to grow into:

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Track your plants as they grow from seeds or cuttings through to harvest. Whether you dry trim, wet trim, freeze, or freeze dry, you can track every detail you need for compliance.


Packaging and Pre-Rolls

Turn bulk cannabis and into retail ready packages & cases. Craft and package both regular and infused pre-rolls. Easily manage your SKUs and sales to any Canadian province, wholesaler, or retailer.

Medical Imagery

Medical Sales

Sync up CertiCraft up with your e-commerce store to automate the records and reports needed for the Cannabis Regulations, B-300, CTS, and Health Care Practitioners reports.

Cannabis Extraction Image

Solventless Extraction 

Easily create all sorts of hash and rosin. Track hash by micron range and rosin by grade/presses. Sell your product in bulk to another LP, or package it for consumers.

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Solvent-based Extraction

Manage every step of your BHO and CO2 extraction processes. Fill and package vaporizer cartridges for retail sale while automating record keeping. Coming Q2 2023.

Cannabis Edibles, Beverages, and Tinctures Image

Topicals, Drinks, & Edibles

Manage your formulations and use them to manufacture cannabis-infused topicals, drinks, and edibles. Workflows available for all manners of drying, curing, and setting processes. Coming Q2 2023.

What makes us different?

Customer Support Included

We're here for our customers. When you choose CertiCraft, we’ll go the extra mile to support you and your team at no extra cost.

Secure and Private

Many companies sell your data for profit. At CertiCraft, we will never share your data with anyone else.

Proven Reliability

We back up your data nightly, and have over 40,000 automated tests ensuring our system is robust and reliable.

Grow in Foreign Markets

We want you to be able to access global markets. Our software is built to GMP standards to support your international growth.

We’re growing with you

Our newest feature we’re rolling out: One-minute CRA Inspections

We're constantly asking our customers how we can make life simpler and more efficient. In our newest report, CRA inspections have gone from taking days or weeks to literally one minute.

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