Seed-to-Sale Compliance Software for Canadian Licensed Cannabis Producers

Supercharge your team with Canada's simplest cultivation & processing compliance solution. Generate reports and complete audits in seconds, saving 100s of hours of busywork every month.

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Save time and money, every single day.

CertiCraft’s cannabis compliance software generates Health Canada and CRA reports in seconds

Need to submit a CTS, B-300, or HCP report? Are you being audited? No problem! CertiCraft generates the accurate and relevant records and reports you need with one click.

Our seed-to-sale software will guide you through the compliance journey

Guided workflows exist for every form of cultivation and processing (e.g. completely different flows for solventless extraction vs solvent-based extraction). These workflows make intuitive sense for all licensed producers and ensure that everything you need for Canadian cannabis compliance is tracked.

Complete a Health Canada or CRA audit in one minute

CertiCraft is the only solution in Canada with a report that lets you complete a CRA cannabis inspection or audit in literally one minute.

Easily fix mistakes with CertiFIX™

CertiFIX™ is our cutting-edge editing tool. It lets you edit, delete, and backdate records in a GMP audit-ready manner, and checks your history with every correction to prevent new discrepancies.

Why Canadian licensed cannabis producers love CertiCraft

Your team will love CertiCraft because we make compliance with Canada’s cannabis regulations simple and intuitive. Your staff will be empowered to do their work effectively, and we will save each person on your team over 11 hours of busywork every single week.

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Designed for Canadian licensed producers and the Cannabis Regulations

Small or Mid-Sized Licenced Producer?

Different sized facilities face different challenges. Either way, CertiCraft helps your business thrive!

Micro license holder or small standard?

As a small facility, it's hard to stay on top of all the paperwork while you have a beyond-full-time job just keeping your operation going. Many small-scale craft growers just want to get back to doing what they love - producing the best craft cannabis!

Small-Scale Producers

Standard license holder with 200 employees or fewer?

Mid-sized cannabis operations have a lot to manage, and it takes time and money to train staff, fix mistakes, and ensure your production and quality assurance teams are efficient. CertiCraft ensures your team is using their time effectively.

Mid-Sized Producers