Cannabis Compliance for Craft Growers

Simple seed-to-sale software that protects your investment. We can save you up to $52k in annual licensing fees and 56 hours of busywork every month.

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An easy-to-use solution for cannabis cultivators.

Protect Your Investment

CertiCraft will generate audit reports for you, making government audits stress free.

One-Click Compliance

CertiCraft generates your CTS (Health Canada) and B-300 (CRA) reports in a matter of seconds, saving you dozens of hours every month.

Immense Time Savings

CertiCraft only needs 15 minutes of training, and will guide your employees through compliance requirements. We greatly reduce wasted time (and your labour costs).

Track and Trace

Know where every batch, plant, and product is from seed to sale. Be recall ready!

Product Information

Easily differentiate your product and protect your brand with your CoA backed inventory.

Connect with your consumers.

Our mission is to help craft growers transition into and thrive within the new legal recreational market. To that end, we've created an app to help consumers that care about quality find your product.

Our mobile app will help you share your brand, showcase your quality, and engage directly with the people buying your cannabis. You will also get real-time sales & interaction data as consumers interact with your brand.

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You grow. We'll handle the rest.

CertiCraft is a product information and seed-to-sale (S2S) tracking platform for the craft cannabis industry. Combining automated data capture using IoT hardware with a system built to GMP validatable standards provides a secure, robust, and comprehensive data solution that will protect your investment.

We pair all that with an easy-to-use interface that saves your employees time, and provide analytics to help you greatly optimize your cannabis operations.

Unlike other vendors, we are holistically focused on the needs of craft growers. Our system was designed from the ground up with craft growers and for craft growers.